djive Vacumate Ultralight hand vacuum cleaner

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  • djive Vacumate Ultralight hand vacuum cleaner

djive Vacumate Ultralight hand vacuum cleaner

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The Vacumate Ultralight is the ideal household assistant due to its ultralight weight of only 560 g and powerful suction power. Always handy and suitable for any situation, the hand vacuum cleaner is not only extremely practical, but also fits with its stylish design in every home. Thanks to its charging station, the Vacumate Ultralight is always charged and ready for use. Unlike other hand vacuums, the Vacumate Ultralight comes with a variety of attachments that allow you to reach even the smallest nooks and crannies in your car or house.

  • Ultralight - only 560 g
  • Always ready for use due to charging station
  • Different attachments suitable for every situation
  • 15 kPa suction power on two suction levels
  • Up to 25min battery life
  • Available in 4 stylish colors
  • Bagless 0,2l dust bin
  • Allergy friendly: triple filtration of exhaust air without loss of suction power
  • Incl. car cleaning attachments
  • Quick charge function

Always ready for use, powerful and practical

It's annoying enough to spill something. It's even more annoying to have to fetch the big vacuum cleaner to clean up any clumsiness. In these situations, the Vacumate Ultralight is ideal because not only is it small and handy, but its charging station means it's always ready to go. Flour on the countertop, cat hair on the sofa, crumbs on the dining table or dust on the windowsill are no problem for the powerful 15 kPa hand vacuum.

Special attachments for car interior cleaning

The Vacumate Ultralight comes with a variety of attachments specially designed to reach the smallest crevices and corners. When vacuuming a car, you quickly notice that ordinary vacuum cleaners leave dirt in many places. This problem is finally solved with the Vacumate Ultralight, because not only is it lightweight and cordless, but its special attachments allow it to reach every upholstery crevice and air vent.

Extra long operating life

The Vacumate Ultralight from djive has two suction levels, each with 11 kPa at normal and 15 kPa suction power at maximum level. The 2000 mAh battery lasts for up to 25 minutes of cleaning and can easily be fully recharged in under 3 hours via the quick charge function of the charging station. The 100 ml dust bin can also be expanded to double its size at the touch of a button. If the 200 ml is still not enough for heavy cleaning, the dust bin can be easily emptied above the garbage can.

The visual highlight of the apartment

Household appliances do not always have to be hidden in the closet - they can also look beautiful and become part of the interior design. In the same way, the Vacumate Ultralight from djive is a real eye-catcher not only because of its trendy colors, but also because of its modern and noble design.

Allergy friendly

The hand vacuum's 3-fold filter system makes the Vacumate Ultralight ideal for allergy sufferers, as the exhaust air is filtered to prevent fine dust and pollen from being stirred up. While coarse dirt and hair get caught in the cyclone filter, the foam filter and finally the high-flow filter ensure the retention of even the smallest particles, without loss of suction power.

Technical data

  • Height: 37 cm
  • Width: 6,5 cm
  • Weight: 560 g
  • Volume: xtagstartz69 dB


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