djive Flowmate ARC Casual 2in1 fan and air purifier

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  • djive Flowmate ARC Casual 2in1 fan and air purifier

djive Flowmate ARC Casual 2in1 fan and air purifier

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incl. VAT plus shipping

The djive ARC Casual is the smart combo of a refreshing fan and a hygienic air purifier. The integrated UV-C sterilization and HEPA14 filter remove fine dust, bacteria, viruses and pollen from the air within one hour, ensuring a healthy home. The device can be fully integrated into SmartHome systems and optionally controlled via app, Alexa and Google Home voice control, smart automations or offline via remote control.

  • 2in1 combination of fan and air purifier
  • Smart home integrable (app, Alexa and Google Home voice control)
  • HEPA14 filter removes up to 99.995% of all airborne particles - ideal for allergy sufferers
  • UV-C sterilization eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Smart automations according to air quality, weather and more.
  • 80° oscillation & tiltable
  • Child and pet safe

Air purification using the latest technology

The ARC Casual takes the combination of air purification and ventilation to a new level! Through its innovative design, the air is not only filtered and cleaned, but also refreshed. The highlight is inside the unit: an integrated HEPA14 filter and the optional UV-C disinfection eliminate up to 99.995% of allergens, germs, aerosols and fine dust in the air. This means that only fresh and purified air is released into the room, which benefits allergy sufferers in particular. Even the harmful fine dust, is measured with the help of the built-in air sensor. The 2.5 µm small particles can be absorbed by the lungs and thus lead to long-term health damage. The air quality and pollution level according to PM2.5 is detected by the ARC Casual via real-time measurement and shown on the LED display. With the help of the ARC Casual, the air of a 25m² room is completely cleaned and the air quality optimized within one hour.

To ensure the best possible air filtration, the HEPA14 filter should be replaced after approximately 720 hours of operation.

Smart home with djive

The ARC Casual impresses not only with its functionalities and great design, but also with its intelligence. In addition to the remote control, the SmartHome air purifier can also be operated via the djive home app and even via Alexa or Google Home voice control. Smart automations can also be set up via app, where the device automatically turns on at the desired level according to local weather conditions, measured air pollution, time of day, etc.

Individual settings for every occasion

The fan has a lot of settings that will make you feel comfortable in your home. You can choose between 9 intensity levels in normal mode, 5 modes (normal, sleep, fresh, max and auto mode) and the UVC sterilization and timer. The ARC Casual also ensures a pleasant night's rest by activating the sleep mode (29 dB) in combination with the automatic shutdown by timer.

With its bladeless design, the ARC Casual not only provides the traditional refreshing fan effect, but the device also freshens the air through a special airflow. The absence of blades also makes the ARC Casual particularly safe for children and pets and easy to clean.

Technical data

  • Height: 89,5 cm
  • Width: 28,5 cm
  • Length: 26 cm
  • Weight: 3,35 kg
  • Volume: 29 – 58 dB depending on setting
  • Timer: 1- 8 hours
  • Filter performance: 86.3 m³ air per hour
  • Intensity levels: 9
  • Watts: 34W

Scope of delivery

ARC Casual, HEPA14 filter, charger, remote control (incl. battery), manual, quick start guide


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