djive home - spend your life smart

You want your home to always be at a comfortable temperature, whether it's snowing outside or the hot summer sun turns the attic apartment into an involuntary sauna again? No problem with the djive home app, which controls your djive devices intelligently and effortlessly.

Limitless custom automatisms

With the help of smart automations and routines, you can make individual "if...then" settings that are executed completely automatically by your devices. This way, djive makes your everyday life more comfortable without having to whip out the remote or your smartphone every time.

Should all devices switch to sleep mode at 10 p.m., but the ARC Heater should warm the bedroom to an exact 19°C if the outside temperature drops below 10°C? Or should the UV-C disinfection be switched on together with the oscillating fan on level 3 as soon as the fine dust pollution rises to a PM2.5 value of more than 40 µg/m³? Or maybe the ARC Humidifier should automatically adjust the air humidification depending on the measured humidity in the room? This and much more is possible with the smart automations in the djive home app. There are hardly any limits to your individual settings.

Of course, you can also operate your air purifiers without automatisms via your smartphone from anywhere.

Saved settings for the whole family

Setting up multiple users and different rooms in the app, makes using the djive devices even more effective, as each family member has control over the devices via their own smartphone. If there are multiple devices in a room, they can also be controlled as a group instead of setting each device individually.

Voice control and smart home integration

Using the djive home app, you can also control your devices via Alexa or Google Home to execute individual commands or manually activate saved scenarios.


Download for free

The djive home app can be downloaded for iOS and Android for free.

***Please note that the functions may differ depending on the device***

djive home for iOS (Apple)

Just search for "djive home" in the app store suchen, scan the QR-code or click HERE.

djive home ios app store qr code


djive home for Android

Just search for "djive home" in the Google play store, scan the QR-code or click HERE.

djive home Google Play Store

To read up on how to connect your device to the wifi and how to use the app, you can download the wifi setup quick guide here.




***Please note that the functions may differ depending on the device***

Adjustment of

  • Intensity levels
  • Modes
  • Temperature
  • Timer
  • Oscillation
  • Humidity
  • UV disinfection
  • Signal tones
  • ...

Automatisms according to:

  • Local weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed...)
  • Time
  • Device status e.g. measured air pollution, temperature, humidity etc.
  • Operation e.g. every time the ARC Heater is on, the ARC Humidifier should also turn on with a certain setting.